Vin Diesel Possibly Hints He Could Be In Inhumans Movie For Marvel Studios

Vin Diesel certainly has one of the most entertaining and most-followed fan pages on Facebook. It was on Vin Diesel's Facebook page that the world first learned that he was talking to Marvel Studios about a future project.

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Porcelain_Chicken2163d ago

Hmm, Hint? I could've sworn i'd heard of him playing Black Bolt a while back. While it sucks that Vin wouldn't have a speaking role he really is good at conveying emotion in difficult characters like the Iron Giant and Groot for example.

Although i've never seen Vin as the superhero type, i think he'd be a good choice.

Soldierone2162d ago

It really is quite odd. In both roles it was his voice that made you care. He says 3 words, yet you get emotion out of it, and while it's really muscular and deep, you still care.

Porcelain_Chicken2162d ago

Yeah bud! :D Although i'm really excited to see what he could do with a mute role. Seeing Vin in pouty or smiley faces throughout an entire flick would be pretty fun all in itself! xD

yoshiroaka2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

He also does the silent type well if his few Riddick movies are anything to go by. Would be a really solid casting.

yoshiroaka2161d ago

This would be great and gives me hope for Bradly Cooper being more than just a voice in the marvel universe.

A guy with his physique, good looks and charm is practically cut out for the hero business. Would be a shame for him to be just a voice. Although i know a lot of people dont like him :/

Porcelain_Chicken2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Well Marvel does usually scout for comedy movie actors.

(I mean they got Paul Rudd as Ant-man xD Good choice by the way but i would have never seen that coming in a million years.)

Back on topic i think there's a good chance Bradley gets a physical role aswell. Like you said he has a good physique, charm and alot of screen presence in general.

I mean he lost out Green Lantern to Reynolds (thank God). And he's a fan fave for Flash. You can bet both Marvel and DC have their eye on him.

yoshiroaka2161d ago

Yea he really dodged a bullet there! lol.
But i really wouldnt mind him getting a shot at a Green Lantern in the new Zach Snyder DC universe :D

Heres hoping he finds his place in a cool role.

WizzroSupreme2161d ago

Always pictured him in Inhumans, definitely as Black Bolt. By this point, I assume it'd be at least 2020 though?