Top 7 Horror Movies Inspired By Real Life Events

It is a fact that nothing is more scary and fearful than the real life and these movies actually prove it. If we talk about devils that come to life, ghosts haunting people in real world or deadly sharks chewing people, these are real life events. So Hollywood decided to scare us with real life stories. So today we are telling you about the top horror movies inspired by real life events.

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hammad4121584d ago

jaws is based on real story..strange ...

Tsuru1583d ago

It wasn't. The Jaws book was INSPIRED by the "Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916." But isn't based on it.

Also this website is quite BS, it posts nothing that i would consider a read. It doesnt even qualify as a "opinion piece" The only opinion it offers is a list. That the author doesn't even give an explanation for his reasoning. He only posts a short couple sentences about the "object/person/thing.&quo t; And each thing is on its own ad heavy page.

I've already called out this on another one of his news article. This just confirms my belief that this person is trying to generate ad revenue and will post any BS to generate traffic.

Xb1ps41583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Exorcism over the exorcist! Bs.... I don't think any horror movie will ever top that movie.

acemonkey1583d ago

most movies on that list was inspired by true events

but then again "true events" by somebody saying what they saw and what really happen is two different things....

but jaws was base of events of Jersey shore, they hint at the NJ events in the movie.