The Strain 1.04 Review: “It’s Not For Everyone” | TVOM

TVOM: "Through the first four episodes of The Strain, the best moments have come when nobody is talking, and the show’s focused on the visual aspect of its horror, using both digital and practical effects to unsettling results. However, each and every one of these moments – which are few and far between in “It’s Not For Everyone” – is brought down the moment anyone opens their mouth, spitting out cliches and tropes at such an accelerated rate, CBS’s Monday night comedies look nuanced in comparison. And when that sentiment is tripled anytime the words “female” or “minority” is used, it makes for the wrong kind of unsettling watch, an hour of drama titled after a woman’s weak will, and packed to the brim with Mexican gangster stereotypes and other female characters generally acting like idiots."

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