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A chance encounter could lead to a cure, but at a cost.
What They Say:
SOS – After getting a distress call near Jamaica, Chandler and a team stage a rescue attempt. Chandler and Tex are stranded at sea. Slattery and the crew search for their lost captain.

The Review:
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The Last Ship worked a decent angle last week around by talking about the strain and pressure hitting the crew and how some of them were ready to get out of there and had no confidence in the captain. It was, in a sense, that they had no confidence in Rachel and the way science works, so it was understandable that things were going south for a lot of them and made for some very difficult times. Chandler came across well in it and the way he brought everything together at the end with a good bit of sunshine place on what Rachel is doing to get everyone to feel a bit more invested in things. That’s necessary when events are turning like this and you really need everyone to be on the same page. And it helps to more firmly establish the order with Chandler in charge, but being a bit more accessible in a way now that he understands their strain in addition to his own.

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