TVF The Strain Review: Beheading Time

Del Toro certainly likes his head bashing, doesn't he? I'm sure this isn't the last crushed cranium we'll see.

In essence, The Strain Season 1 Episode 4 was all about the secret autopsy. Though this installment wasn't as strong as last week's, there were several important developments.

By the way, is it me or did that corpse look like a big rubber doll?

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alycakes1589d ago

This show is so gruesome but you can't help but watch. It finally showed them finding out what was kinda happening to the people on the plane but they haven't got a clue about how bad it really is and is going to be. As for the female doc, Nora, deciding to leave...I thought that was not good. If you have someone working at the CDC they should be able to deal with anything. She couldn't handle the Zombie Apocalypse.

TheSaint1587d ago

Really enjoying this show, it's a thrill ride!