[Rumor] Emma Stone To Return In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ As Mary Jane Watson

After Sony has announced that "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" will hit the big screen in 2018 and that "The Sinister Six" will take its original release date in 2016, rumor is spreading now that Emma Stone will return in the third installment.

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Porcelain_Chicken1589d ago

:l Really... that's a terrible idea. I mean i love ES but this would be weird as hell!! I can hear them already...

"Oh Peter chose her because she's a redheaded doppleganger of his dead sweetheart."


TASM2 seemed to really split fans of 1 in half. Don't make 3 an even bigger clusterf#ck Sony. :(

StarWarsFan1589d ago

This just sounds too stupid to be real.

ironfist921588d ago

If it was for flashbacks, makes sense, but same actress different character, and no one acknowledging theyre the same person?

Very strange.