TVF Hell on Wheels Review: Back on Track

They say time heals all wounds, right?

Where I was unfortunately left disappointed and confused by the abrupt jumble of events in Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 10, the prospect that the series would at least return to get itself back on track and/or figure out its new direction by allowing many of the moments in Hell on Wheels Season 3 to have an impact, to have consequences and payoff down the road for the characters and the story was promising.

Because even if I disagreed with where aspects of the Hell on Wheels tale was headed, or couldn’t understand certain choices being made, what’s done was done. And now, Hell on Wheels Season 4 is something of a fresh start, ready to move the saga forward full steam ahead.

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alycakes1535d ago

This season needs to end with Bohanan finally ending the Swede's life. It's just a little too much to allow him to continue doing all he does without any consequences.