10 CGI Movie Effects, You Thought Were Real

GamingSoFar: If a movie script needs a ruddy great dragon or big space platform, then The CGI effects are clearly the simplest way to go. Since CGI became doable and cheap for motion picture studios in the late Eighties though, it’s conjointly been used for the most random and minor reasons. From groin bulge reduction to creating water more… watery, these are the computer graphics the world might have lived without.

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1Victor1591d ago

10 click to read a single page article one paragraph at the time HELL NO 🏃💨 to another article

Soldierone1591d ago

I always catch these things. This is why I enjoy watching movies at home because I will turn to my girlfriend and go "Did you see that was fake right there?" and she goes "no it wasn't! rewind it!"

In theaters we just wait for it to appear again then laugh.

Rute1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

11. The horses in Dawn of the planet of the apes were mostly CGI.
12. The colosseum in the film Gladiator (2000) was mostly CGI.
13. Most of the dance performed by the main character in the film Black Swan was not done by Natalie Portman.
14. In several instances of the LOTR trilogy, the fellowship is replaced by digital doubles, such as in the top-down shots of the fellowship running over the bridge of Khazad-Dum.