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Marvel has unleashed its latest cinematic undertaking unto the comic book movie loving public this week with the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters. Unlike the previous Marvel movies though, this particular film is a whole new sub-genre of the Marvel universe, and plays out more like a classic sci-fi action film from the glory days of space opera films like the great Star Wars trilogy before Lucas lost his touch. With that being said there are plenty of ties and callbacks to past Marvel movie projects that allow you to take an imaginative glimpse into the future of the Marvel cinematic universe, and your visions should get you super excited for what’s to come over the next five years of comic book movie releases. Guardians not only opens up a whole new galaxy to Marvel movie fans, but it also packs a great cast of interesting characters and locations that will entice you to learn more about the series thanks to the stellar first introduction to the source material that James Gunn and his cast provide.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1592d ago

Epic sci-fi film, and easily one of the best Marvel movies. Although, it is quite different from the ones already released.

RetrospectRealm1592d ago

Completely agree. Although I wouldn't say it was 100/100, which I think is more like Godfather status, it was definitely high 90s. Up there with Avengers and Winter Soldier as one of the best.