From Wrestling To Acting: An Interview With Dave Bautista

Before Guardians Of The Galaxy was released, there was a lot of early press surrounding the fact that comedian Christ Pratt underwent a major physical transformation to look like an action star. There were no such stories about Pratt’s co-star Dave Bautista because no such physical transformation was necessary. Six foot six and sporting the type of body mass that could destroy a mid-sized SUV, Bautista has always been a walking comic book character just waiting to be cast in a movie that could contain him. He began his career as a professional wrestler tearing up the WWE, but in recent years he’s left that behind to pursue film acting. He landed a few roles playing traditional heavies in movies like Riddick and the Rza’s directorial debut The Man With Iron Fists, but it wasn’t until he landed a role in the latest Marvel production that the man’s movie star potential was properly tapped.

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maniacmayhem1627d ago

Dave Bautista was awesome in the film. Marvel really hit this one out the park.