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Five Movies That Could Break Box Office Records

Junkie Monkeys: Over the next few years, loads of blockbuster movies will be released and each one of the following films has the potential to shatter current box office records. Let’s get started.

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Nagisa_Rodriguez2452d ago

I really hope the new Star Wars doesn't blow :'D

FRAKISTAN2452d ago

you know you live in a grm world when movies such as taransformers and harry potter make more money than LOTR:ROTK

iamnsuperman2451d ago

I never got the fantom behind Lord of the Rings/The hobbit. For me those films are just painfully slow and in large parts not really acted that well(what ch I think has more to do with the scriot/setting than the actors thenselves). Not saying Harry Potter or transformers is any better but there area lot of better films than don't even make it near a list like this

xX_Altair_Xx2451d ago

There seems to be a trend - all those are relatively recent movies. However, the flaw in the list is that it's not adjusted for inflation; a list which looks at top grossing films in real terms would be very different, and that's the list we should go by.

level 3602451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Avengers: Age of Ultron for sure will absolutely nail it in the box office, but am most looking forward to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.. believe Ben Affleck will silence the critics'/haters'.

As for the Star Wars franchise I think and hope they have learned their lesson with the prequel trilogy and will not make the same mistake especially with the rapid advance of CGI effects and 3D-technology.

WizzroSupreme2444d ago

Avengers, Star Wars, Disney's gonna make it rain in this next year. Only one Warner and Paramount away from owning the geek world.