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Here's Where to Find the Marvellous Nathan Fillion in Guardians of the Galaxy

Clickonline writes: The film is chock full of gags and injokes and little details in the background that are treasure troves for pop culture, sci-fi and Marvel fans. But one moment might pass you by. Firefly and Castle (and Slither) star Nathan Fillion has mentioned a couple of times that he filmed a cameo for Guardians, but its not that easy to spot."

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alycakes1542d ago

Thanks for the memories with the blooper reel of Firefly too.

WizzroSupreme1542d ago

Uuughh, I want to read this, but I wanna be totally surprised. Darn it all!

danand821541d ago

It's not really a spoiler, just so you don't miss him!