How I Met Your Mother: Biggest Series Finale Since Friends?

Those looking for a ‘Friends’ reunion don’t need to look any further, since its biggest inspiration ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finally came to an end in an exciting series finale. Both shows had several similarities.

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-Foxtrot1843d ago

"finally came to an end in an exciting series finale."

You mean full on disappointing ending which ruined series 9 and possibly what the show was building up to

WizzroSupreme1842d ago

Better than most episodes, worse than the first few seasons we got by a mile.

warrior821842d ago

Nothing beats Friends...great finale...HIMYM was a great show...truly inspired by Friends..would love to see a crossover...that could be a great way to put closure to both shows...or a start of something new.

Drakesfortune1841d ago

nooo just no....the ending ruined the full thing for me n deemed series 9 pointless