Wesley Snipes Looks Like He's in Drag in the Final Expendables 3 Trailer. Everyone Else Looks Old

Clickonline writes: "Then it became a thing and the thing made a bit of cash so we're back for a third go around. And there are even more oldies this time around, including the likes of Kelsey Grammer and Antonio Banderes, who actually looks fairly young. There's also a post prison Wesley Snipes, who strangely looks like he's in drag in his single shot in this final trailer at 0.18. That would be a very different movie."

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maniacmayhem1590d ago

I said the same thing. He did not age well at all. And I have question a lot of the cast choices? Kelsey Grammer? When was he ever an action star?

jeromeface1590d ago

He's played beast in xmen... clearly an action movie.

StarWarsFan1590d ago

It looks cool. That train scene looks awesome.

TheSaint1590d ago

I have seen an early preview and it's about the same as the other two, that's not to say it isn't fun though.