Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode #6 – Orphaned Review | Fandom Post

More mysteries surface as others begin to reveal themselves.
What They Say:
Orphaned – Scott is forced into helping a dangerous enemy; Derek and Malia track an old ally.

The Review:
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Teen Wolf covered a lot of ground in the previous episode with what was going on, playing to what Argent is dealing with when it comes to the Mexican side of the business, Lydia’s closing in on getting some help in understanding herself and Derek’s amusing appreciation of how much Scott has grown. The cast, as we’ve talked about, is certainly smaller this season, but it also has a bigger feeling when it comes to the world at large. I also liked that we got the admittance by the team that was hunting within the school that Scott is not one to be taken lightly. Bringing back the information about how Scott really was the only alpha left standing after the events of the Alpha Pack that came to town feels like an age ago, but it’s an important aspect of just what kind of player he is in the game.

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