TVF Murder in the First Review: And the Verdict Is

As the audio faded right before the verdict was read, I was prepared to roll my eyes and groan at what could have been such a major tease.

Erich Blunt is found… cut to credits. Boo.

But it didn’t end, and I found the use of pure expression from Warren Daniels, from the prosecutors, from Hildy and Terry was the perfect way to reveal Erich’s victory or defeat. Even he seemed a bit stunned as Warren stuck out his hand.

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alycakes1594d ago

And so we continue to seek out the who dun it. I still think he's guilty.

TheSaint1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

He was


found not guilty but he then confessed to the two inspectors that he killed her. It was awesome.

alycakes1593d ago

Darn I fell asleep, I'm going to have to watch it on vod