Fox Wants Fans To Shut-up About Marvel Getting Licenses Back, They Need To Do Deadpool Movie Now

CB: Twentieth Century Fox has to be frustrated. When early images of Quicksilver from X-men: Days of Future Past were released, fans on the Internet screamed that the studio should give the X-Men license back to Marvel. The feeling was that Marvel Studios was the only film company that could possibly do Quicksilver justice.

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dota2champion1630d ago

I only want marvel to get licenses back so I can see all the marvel characters fighting side by side together in a upcoming future film

acemonkey1630d ago

i guess its a bad thing that the fans want something

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1630d ago

That sounds like Fox alright.... :I

Just like Fantastic Four 1 & 2 were their reply to fans who wanted a good portrayal of Marvel's first team of heroes. Dammit Fox.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31630d ago

It is kind of annoying already though. I really don't want to see all of Marvel's properties under the same banner. Fox has had their fair share of flops, but I'm not exactly satisfied with what Disney has done. A lot of the phase films have been unremarkable.

And lest we forget, Fox was one of the first studios to take a chance on Marvel. They might not even be where they are today without Fox.