Why ‘Skull Island’s Surprise Reveal Confused Comic Con’s Hall H

From Slashfilm:

Saturday afternoon at the end of Legendary Pictures’ Hall H presentation at 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, Studio head Thomas Tull left the crowd with one last surprise — an announcement teaser for a King Kong prequel Skull Island. Instead of surprise and excitement, the crowd was left confused. That was definitely not the reaction that Legendary had intended. Why did the packed Hall H crowd have that reaction? I have a theory about the Skull Island confusion.

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darklordzor1547d ago

I can't wait for this one. I love King Kong (and all monster movies), so I'm interested to see how this one comes together!

ironfist921546d ago

Id love to see more monster fights. V-Rex and Kong round 2!

darklordzor1546d ago

Hell yes. Easily one of the better moments in that film.