Monday Movie Memo: Did The Rock Lie About Playing Shazam?


San Diego Comic-Con has come to a close… though we will be parsing through all of the news that filtered out of Hall H for the next few months, weeks – OK, years. Marvel has said that they have at least eight films on their slate through 2019. Warner Bros. has confirmed a Justice League film. And Fox has revealed plans for at least two movies in The Fantastic Four franchise.

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darklordzor2741d ago

I don't think he lied, I just think we weren't in on the timing. He said something about it being "soon", that doesn't immediately mean it was SDCC he was talking about.

Soldierone2741d ago

The guy is a powerhouse right now and DC/WB is doing anything they can to try and get their comic movies up there with Marvel. If he wants to play Shazam, he will play him, I don't think a single business person at WB will say no to that idea.

WizzroSupreme2741d ago

The Rock doesn't lie. He only lies on YOU.

Chucky20032741d ago

How the hell he lied if he didn't even tell us that he's playing Shazam