Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Full Teaser Leaked

Junkie Monkeys: Recently leaked teaser images showing shots of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been popping up online like wildfire. Naturally most footage that leaked has been removed, but we’ve found someone with the teaser trailer for those of you who have not seen i

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Treezy5041548d ago

Likewise, if the fight is anything like what Snyder did with Man of Steel, then we are truly in for something great!

BlackTar1871548d ago

THis is based off the Superman V Batman comic isn't it?

KingPin1548d ago

since this teaser leaked....i havent heard any of those fanboys crying about ben affleck as batman. now they all whining about wonder womans outfit...not even the size of gal gadot. bet they still plan on playing the "oh she cant act" card.

seems like everyone involved with this movie is putting the haters to silence.

Crazay1548d ago

I can't lie - I've watched the footage many times now and I get goosebumps every time. This is a DC comic fan's wet dream...Hell, it's a wet dream for every single comic reader. I think that Zack Snyder and company are going to abso-f..k'n-lutely rock this.

Porcelain_Chicken1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I said the exact same thing on another board. Most trolls are actually using the newly created "costume doesn't look like WW" card. It's just trolls that'll complain about anything. Watch as they come in and showers us in disagrees. By them I mean the 2 and their 3 sock accounts.

Affleck & Gadot will do great.

mp12891547d ago

Hope is good but im not going to get too excited. The cast for this movie is basically the same as man of steel which had everybody excited as well. Snyder is good at making fighting scenes, one of the best, but not so much storytelling.

Lord_Sloth1548d ago

I've no issues with Gadot as an actress nor the costume. I actually love the costume, I just don't see her as a good candidate for WW. Still gonna give her a fair chance and trust in Snyder.

Porcelain_Chicken1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

She's remains an unproven actress so it's only natural to be sceptical. No one blames you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE (MoS pun intended).

But some people think that unproven automatically = bad. That is just outright stupid and i usually laught at those people. Did you know some peopl,,, erh... trolls are actually still angry because Snyder didn't go with a super safe choice like Jamie Alexander (Sif) or Lynn Collins (Princess Dejah Thoris)? People would cry for Lucy Lawless if they could. They lack imagination and therefore resort to joining the official keyboard warrior club.

calis1548d ago

"i havent heard any of those fanboys crying about ben affleck as batman"

I honestly don't know how this changed anyones mind. You can't see anything

vakarian751548d ago

Batman is wearing his metal suit there so he's completely covered so people forgot about how much they hate the man wearing it for a moment. On a side note I wonder if they are re-designing the suit since they only brought his cape and cowl.

vakarian751548d ago

I like the suit but I think its too dark and I don't know if it's how her hair is or the tiara but something is making her forehead look bigger than usual.

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ajax171548d ago

... lol the disagrees. I wrote that before seeing it was a shitty video. Ok, ok, I WAS WRONG!

crazychris41241548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

2014 and we still have people recording with super 8 cameras

L6RD7BLU31548d ago

LMFAO I would assume that almost everyone has at least a decent Android phone by now lol

pandehz1548d ago

Super 8 is better than this microwave

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