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Guillermo del Toro's Dark Universe Will be Separate from Other DC Projects... for Now

Earlier today, spoke with Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierez, the producer and writer of the animated film Book of Life, and for this interview, we wanted to get an update from Guillermo about one of his projects he hasn't talked about as much lately.

While we know that his primary focus right now is his hit FX show "The Strain," his haunted house movie Crimson Peak and starting preparations on Pacific Rim 2--and believe it or not, he's hoping to do a smaller yet annouced film in between those two!--we're really interested in his planned take on the darker elements of the DC Universe, currently known as Dark Universe.

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darklordzor1549d ago

Honestly...I totally forgot about this movie. I wonder how he's going to get it done with all the other stuff he has going on right now.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1549d ago

It'll probably be a while before it's made :/ damn.

I'm ok with this being its own thing. Would they really call this Justice League Dark though?