The Last of Us Movie Ellie Movie Poster Revealed

"It looks like the teaser Neil Druckmann Tweeted yesterday was indeed for the official The Last of Us movie."

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dota2champion1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Ellie in that poster seems older. maybe it's because of her pose and her breast looks bigger

Tiqila1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

poster looks great but ellie appears older

Porcelain_Chicken1548d ago

OMG SO AWESOME! And following the same story, keeping the same ending and characters!? Finally!!! This is what gamers have wanted all along!!!!

What i don't get is, Raimi said Maisie Williams was being heavily considered and took part in some promising talks with the studio but no contracts have been signed yet. So who's Ellie in that pic?

dota2champion1548d ago

it's just an artwork of ellie from the last of us

Porcelain_Chicken1548d ago

Oooooooooh lol.

Porcelain_Chicken <--- Feels dumb now. (,_, )

johny51548d ago

They should have gotten Ellen Paige! That's who Ellie was modeled after!

Porcelain_Chicken1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Hmm you realise Ellen Paige is like 30? lol. Ellie is 13... Also wasn't Ellie actually modeled after Ashley Johnson's performance or something like that? o_o

EDIT: LOOKED IT UP! I was right! :D They mo-capped Ashley Johnson, and Naughty Dog reworked Ellie's look based on Ashley's voice & performance. At least that's what the ND dude Neil Druckman said. I doubt they had casting calls for a Ellen Page sound-alike lol.


I find it funny though that Ellen Page 'came out' shortly after Ellie did in Left Behind. Maybe it's Ellen Page who is trying to be like Ellie? :0

cleft51548d ago

Ellen Page has definitely been riding the Last of Us hype train. People don't think that is the case because she is a movie star and we are talking about a game. But what people need to realize is that video games are huge forms of entertainment. I heard Ellen Page name like crazy doing the Last of Us because the game is incredibly popular. I heard her name mentioned more than when Beyond 2 Souls came out and that game actually starred her. So yeah, she has definitely been riding the Last of Us hype train for a while now.

On a side note, Ellie looks like every young, slim, white brunette girl ever. The character is very nondescript looking. The idea that Naughty Dog modeled it after a young Ellen Page is kind of weird and creepy. Also it is disrespectful to Ashley Johnson for people to constantly talk about Ellen Page when mentioning Ellie. Ashley Johnson amazing performance really made this character and Ellie is modeled after her.

Soldierone1548d ago

Originally it was modeled after her, in the very early build when she was in talks to play the character. After the early build and in the final game it was modeled after the actress that plays her.

iNFAMOUZ11548d ago

who cares just make it already jesus, same goes for the halo movie, why are they delaying a potential big ass cash oppertunity

Soldierone1548d ago

For Halo, Hollywood big wigs don't think they can make an "emotionally appealing" movie with Master Chief in a helmet the entire movie, since you can't see his face.

MS won't "approve" a script that takes his helmet off. So they decided to just do it themselves, thus the Halo: Nightfall series.

mt1548d ago

I didn't play halo but I would hate to see master chief takes his helmet off.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31548d ago

Brand recognition isn't enough. You still need a compelling story and interesting characters, both of which Halo is sorely lacking. I think if you introduced Master Chief as some kind of legendary/mystical warrior who is killed off, and his identity is assumed by a grunt who we have already been introduced to, it might work. Maybe if this new nightfall show takes off we will see renewed interest in a Halo feature, but at this point dropping 200 million on a production of this nature just seems like huge gamble.

Can anyone actually sum up what the story behind Halo is? The actual 'Halo' only plays a role in a few games. It's a very basic set up, one that we have seen in countless sci-fi films. Movies actually cost a lot more to produce than videogames, and you have to sell a lot more tickets to make back your profit than you do copies of a videogame. They are both risky ventures nonetheless, but I fear that interest in Halo might be waning a bit.

Most people play games like Halo for the online, and Halo's activity has been waning on XBL with the last few iterations of the game. Their window of opportunity may very well be closing. For being one of Microsoft's flagship franchises, I haven't been too impressed with the advancements from sequel to sequel. I think Destiny is really going to give the Halo franchise a run for its money.

noxeven1548d ago

Maisie Williams is in talks to play ellie last i checked on slashfilm so that could work

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