The Expendables 3 Has Been Leaked, Disaster For The Movie?

Well now it’s well and truly out in the wild, viral. The horse has fled the barn. Within hours the movie had already been downloaded 100,000 times from torrent trackers alone, who knows what that figure is at now.

How will The Expendables 3 handle this situation then? Will it do big money at the box office? No. Not now, not after this. Will it tank catastrophically? I don’t think so either. I think at this point the movie might just tip north of its budget and gain a small return. Stallone and Lerner will be happy at this point if it breaks $100,000,000...

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-Foxtrot1598d ago

Oh great :)

Thanks guys....what...I'm poor

TheSaint1597d ago

The people downloading it probably wouldn't have gone to watch it in the cinema anyway.