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Hollywood Stock Index: The Highs And Lows Of M Night Shyamalan

Continuing a brand new series, WOW247 slip into pinstripe suits and don a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to scrutinize the ever-shifting stock prices of Hollywood’s finest, based on ratings of their notable films.

This week: director M Night Shyamalan (MNS).

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Nolando1914d ago

he suuuuuuuxxxxs now!

I swear Signs was the pinnacle of his work and then the downward spiral...

Its like every movie he felt forced to make a HUGE @ss TWIST that the plots had to be so idk... dull is the word im looking for?

anyway he was just trying WAY to hard after signs to repeat his formula. I loved all his movies up till signs (village was OK but a it was the first step down imo).