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'Max Steel' Goes to the Movies: 8 First Look Photos


Transformers won't be the only toy-turned-mega-franchise around once teen superhero flick Max Steel hits theaters in 2015. Inspired by the popular Mattel action figures, the origin story of an every dude turned extraordinary hero is directed by Stewart Hendler (Halo 4, Sorority Row), who promises his treatment of Max Steel will stay true to his background in horror flicks. ''I definitely love trying to build tension. It's fun to take audiences on that ride, so there are a couple of sequences that are fairly dark, that feel pretty gritty,'' says Handler. ''It'll feel authentically scary.'' But the coming-of-age story—featuring newcomer Ben Winchell as Max McGrath—will still feel age-appropriate, with inspiration lifted from one of Handler's favorite teen dramas, The Spectacular Now.

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