'Spider-Man' Fatigue: What's Behind Sony's Release Date Retreat


The once-invincible franchise moves to the back burner after "Amazing Spider-Man 2" barely tops $700 million.

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Crazay1552d ago

WHat's really sad is that $700 Million is being viewed as a failure. Then you factor in any of the merchandise, and DVD sales failure.


-Foxtrot1552d ago

I think they were hoping it could rival Marvels movies and beat them

In my opinion I felt like they were trying to outdo the Winter Soldier but's like they really thought it was going to "destroy" it in the box office but it was still beaten.

Hell the Amazing Spiderman 2 was marketed for like 14 months.

The sales are close $712,908,352 for Winter Solider and $706,204,650 for Spiderman but then you have to think Winter Soldier had a budget of $170 million while Spiderman had $200.

It's also worth noting that The Winter Soldier outdid the first film in reviews/box office while the Spiderman didn't.

Speaking of reception of the film it seems the Winter Soldier beat Spiderman in that aswell.

Honestly it seems like the experience has made Sony rethink their plans and realised that they won't be able to beat Marvel and create a universe from it.

I compare this to the Winter Soldier not because the films were a month apart from one another but because Spiderman is actually a Marvel character Sony would probably like to see their Marvel character do aswell (if not better) then Marvel Studio films themselves.

Crazay1552d ago

But it seems to me that they're still on a path to create the universe with SPidey because Sinister Six is still happening.

-Foxtrot1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

For now anyway...who knows what will happen. It's not coming out until 2016, things could change if Marvel reveal their future plans.

I honestly don't see it doing well to be honest, hell it might not even go ahead, especially when Marvel are continuing to dominate it's future releases. Look how long they talked about a Venom film, they always set a date and nothing happened.


The date the new Marvel film has take was supposed to be the fourth Spiderman film...and now they haven't even got a solid release date for the third.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31552d ago

Every superhero movie this year has grossed 700 million. Literally, every one is hovering around that number. I don't really think of that as an indicator of a films quality. People are going to see these films one way or another, but very few of them ever rise to the level of true greatness.

FWIW, I actually preferred Spiderman to Winter Soldier. It was at least colorful. Both of them were kind of mediocre movies though. Edge of Tommorrow and Snowpiercer were my favorite films of the summer so far(interestingly enough they are both based on Graphic Novels)

RetrospectRealm1552d ago

Lol Yeah. That's over $500 mill more than the film's budget. Each sequel will probably surpass the one before, so they shouldn't be worrying.

Soldierone1552d ago

Exactly. It was Sony that saw it as low, they wanted more and for good reason. This franchise is their baby. To THEM it was low, but the media decided to jump all over it and call it a failure when it isn't.

The outlets calling this a failure were the same outlets that say any Marvel movie that hits THE SAME MARK is a massive success......

Just like the hypocrite "fans" that cry about anything Sony does with it simply because Marvel studios isn't paying the bill.....

Soldierone1552d ago

If "Give Marvel rights back" babies would stop and just enjoy it, then that 700 million mark would have hit their billion dollar goal easily. Sorry, but as a Spider-Man fan I'm thrilled to see what Sony is doing.

While I hate that I have to wait forever for the next film, it's a smart move. It will make people WANT Spider-Man again and is perfect timing really. Let it get hyped up and really build it up. Sinister Six will be fun to market for them for sure.

I also wouldn't call it "back burner" as Sony clearly knows how important it is to their studio. They are just taking care of it so it doesn't crash. THEY freaked out about it hitting 700 because it needs to be great numbers and to them thats low. To any other super hero movie, thats a high number. Look at media going nuts saying how great it was Captain A hit the same number, yet Spidey does it and it becomes "the film bombed" what? No you are just taking Sony's comments out of context.

strangeaeon1552d ago

All Marvel characters would be in much better hands with Marvel studios,sorry but it's just true. Do you enjoy the MCU being so fragmented?

Soldierone1552d ago

Not true at all. How much hate is Iron Man getting for "ruining a major villain"? It's in Marvels hands so how on Earth did that happen......... lol

Marvel still helps Sony make the movies, so I don't see the big deal. If anything ask for Marvel and Sony to finally just team up and rent out Spider-Man for Avengers.

Blacktric1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

"How much hate is Iron Man getting for "ruining a major villain"?"

How much hate is Not So Amazing Spider Man 2 is getting for basically choosing the shittiest villains to shove in a movie and then going one step further to ruin them by not giving them a proper arc? You are comparing a company that lets their creative teams take risks (you liking it or not is irrelevant at this point) to a company that ends their movie exactly how its trailer ends and basically giving the middle finger to people who came there to see the Rhino, who was advertised as being one of the three villains on posters.

But by all means; keep whining about Marvel not including a racist chinese cardboard cut out character in one movie they've made, eventhough everything else they've released so far has been consistently fun.

Avengingkinght921551d ago

@Blacktric, The only decent Movie Marvel Studios has is the first Iron Man. Everything else is crap.

Blacktric1551d ago

So, both Avengers and The Winter Soldier were worse than Iron Man 1 where Jeff Bridges makes an Iron Man suit overnight and fights Tony Stark?

Not funny, if it was meant to be a joke.

CrimsonDragon901551d ago

Yep didn't like Avengers or Cap. That's why I decided to skip Cap2. Also it was not a joke, I am being serious.