First Official Look At Rupert Friend As Hitman: Agent 47


The official facebook page and twitter handle for 20th Century Fox's Hitman: Agent 47 have gone live. To help kick things off they've released the first official image of Rupert Friend ("Homeland") as the title character.

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-Foxtrot2179d ago

He looks even worse as Agent 47 then Timothy Olyphant did

I shouldn't be bothered since the film is going to crash and burn anyway.

Crazay2179d ago

I'm not buying into this guy in the role either.

darklordzor2179d ago

Agreed. He doesn't look the part at all. More like a kid wearing his dad's suit. Frankly, I kind of liked the Olyphant one. Wasn't a great movie, but kind of fun.

-Foxtrot2179d ago

He does look a little skinny...which makes the suit look far too big on him.

Agent 47 is a brute...a bloody rough looking tank.

This guy doesn't really look that tough, like 47 got called fat by one of his targets and became anorexic.