Josh Trank’s Faux-tastic Four: Clarifying Fan Reaction

CB: We all know how it works. A film tanks and the executives scramble to blame the fans, the public, or some aspect of the production which represents a misguided but reasonable choice. Basically, they will blame anything that doesn’t mean that they themselves screwed up or just plain made a bad movie. In the case of Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot helmed by director Josh Trank, the jury is still out on its quality as it has yet to actually be completed and released, but it’s shaping up to be one of the most contentious and controversial comic book adaptations of all time. That has me concerned for reasons other than not wanting this to be a bad movie.

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-Foxtrot1600d ago

Vocal minority....yeah I don't think it's the minority.

It's not really about race, it's the fact that you didn't need to do it because it shows you have no respect for the source material. The fact Michael B Jordan is in Chronicle, another film he did shows that he did it just so he can work with a familiar face again.

Black superheroes do exist, just recently we got Falcon and Anthony Mackie nailed it.

I would be just as ticked off if they made Storm in X-men white or Luke Cage Asian.