Falling Skies Season 4 Episode #5 – Mind Wars Review | Fandom Post

The paths continue to slowly intersect and come together, but not without a lot of trouble along the way.

What They Say:
Mind Wars – Tom encounters strangers in the woods; Hal tries to lead the remaining Volm and the 2nd Mass to a place of safety; Lexi and Anne have a difference of opinion.

The Review:
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Bringing a few of the storylines together in the previous episode as different groups finally reconnect after being split in the season opener, it’s feeling like things are coming together. OF course, the show has had its bad moments so far, such as Lexi’s rapid growth and the bluntness of the whole Hitler Youth thing, but it’s also provided some interesting teases about what may really be going on with what the Espheni are doing and fighting against in the larger galactic scale. We got a good tease in the last episode as we saw how some of the leader communicate with each other, which has one of them manipulating Lexi in hopes of creating what they need, but it’s all tied to the stupidity of humanity as being useful in all of this. Which is hard to believe since they pretty much slaughtered the vast majority of humanity in the initial invasion.

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