See Colton Haynes as Arsenal in 'Arrow' Season 3

From EW:

Last season on Arrow, Roy Harper was injected with Slade’s Mirakuru serum and had to deal with all of the rage that went with it. But now that Roy is Mirakuru-free, what will season three hold for the wearer of red hoodies? For one thing, another red hoodie

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darklordzor1600d ago

Really digging this suit. Still haven't really gotten into this show, but I like all the stuff I've seen from it (like this).

Crazay1600d ago

The show is great. I always thought of the Green Arrow as a c-class hero but Arrow is awesome.

ironfist921600d ago

Looks friggin badass.

Ironically though, Red Arrow/Arsenal never wears a hood in the comics.