Robert Downey Jr. On 'Iron Man 4': 'Why Give Up The Belt?'


Are we going to get another Iron Man movie?

Marvel Studios has been unequivocal: Yes, someday. They see Tony Stark as being just as evergreen as James Bond. But the unanswered follow-up is: Will a fourth movie be with Robert Downey Jr., the star who helped launch this entire universe of interlocked superhero films?

Everyone is playing coy on that front, but we may find out more this weekend when Marvel starts filling in the blanks on all those untitled movies that have been dated through 2019.

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alycakes1600d ago

I personally would love to see him do one more before they try to replace him because I can't see anyone else as Tony Stark. When they signed him to play the part it was as if he made for that all along.

HRoach6161600d ago

For sure, we need 1 more with him to do The Manderin proerly. Have the movie open with a terrorist video of the real mandarin pissed about how he was mocked in the 3rd one. Show him kill Trevor slatery in the beginning since he had him kidnapped from prison in the short film they did.

We need a proper Manderin.

ironfist921600d ago

Or what if real The Manadarin was pretending to be an actor, pretedning to be The Mandarin.


TheSaint1599d ago

Why give up the money, more power to you RDj.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31599d ago

Why give up the belt? Because the franchise sucks, and it has produced only one semi-decent movie. Sometimes I wish RDJ would relapse back into drug addiction so he could make good movies again. I would rather see another sequel to Sherlock Holmes. I don't really care for either franchise, but at least that one has a pulse.