'Predators' Writer Boards 'Deus Ex' Movie

From THR:

CBS Films has tapped Predators writer Michael Finch to work on Deus Ex, its adaptation of the acclaimed video game.

Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are producing.

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-Foxtrot1602d ago

Has he played the games...because if he hasn't like most writers/directors who do video game films then it's going to suck

darklordzor1602d ago

Too true. I hope he has and delivers on something amazing with this title. More than just a good video game movie, it could be a thought provoking sci-fi film.

-Foxtrot1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I've said this before but the point still remains...every director/writer who have made a video game film has ALWAYS strayed from the source material and it ends up being terrible. At the end of the day it comes off like they don't have a clue what they are doing.

Some might be gamers...who knows but the way they do the films it seems like they've quickly watched game trailers online and browsed the Wiki before planning out a story.

Paul W.S Anderson for example says he's a Resident Evil "fan" yet it seems like he throws quick RE references into his films every now and then. Take the RE5 executioner in Resident Evil: Afterlife, he just comes out of nowhere and it's obvious he was forced into the story. The worst part is some of these guys like him think they have "broken" the video game to film "curse" and that their films have done justice to the games when they haven't...just because it's made so much money, ignoring reviews. It comes off as arrogant. I mean in those films Alice is always saving the day, not the actual Resident evil characters he's actually wrote into the script.

Most of them think that straying away from the source material is a good thing because we as gamers don't want to see a copy and pasted scene on the big screen, where we know what's going to happen and who is going to say what based on us playing the game. But the problem is these films aren't for us, I couldn't care less if a film came out and was a copy and pasted script from the game which have been condensed down for the big screen. As long as it's good and respects the game (which it would be doing) then I would be fine.

I'd rather see a copy and pasted video game script which is decent/amazing then a really shitty one which strays from the source material and looks nothing like the games.

All of these people have went in the same direction for so long...why not go the other way for once and stick as close to the games script as you possibly can, hell even if it means talking to the script writer of the games.

Rant over....I'm sorry but this bugs me, if your a die hard gamer of the franchise being adapted I doubt it would be that hard to make a film when 75% of the work has been done for you. Doing a video game script would be easier then coming up with your own story, characters, locations, plot points etc

ironfist921601d ago

I could see Joseph Kosinski directing this. He's good with Sci Fi and visual aesthetics.

You really need to get that visual design across in the film.

Hope they emphasis the moral ambiguity, fully realised world, and civil war outlining man vs tech across.