First Look at Jurassic World T-Rex from SDCC

From JW.Org:

San Diego Comic Con keeps delivering the goods! Following up yesterdays amazing poster/art reveal, we now have our first look at Jurassic World's Tyrannosaurus!

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darklordzor2487d ago

Pretty sure this fits with the "story within a story" guidelines.

darklordzor2486d ago

Could you imagine being on this set at night and seeing this thing as you round a corner. Freaking terrifying!

CobraKai2486d ago

I agree. I can't imagine how those kids felt when that head came crashing down on them in the original JP. That was prolly genuine terror and not acting.

mafiahajeri2486d ago

T-Rex, the later years...

GenericNameHere2486d ago

The dinosaur models will be a little more closer to what they actually looked like. I want to see how they make velociraptors with chicken wings look terrifying.

darklordzor2486d ago

The raptors won't be changing. They'll stick with what's been in the films already, but might acknowledge the difference in other ways.

Agent_hitman2486d ago

Can't wait for this movie, I hope they bring back Dr. Grant..