TVF Teen Wolf Review: Hunters and Hunted

Lacrosse is really boring after the Nogitsune.

There. I said it. For instance, there's nothing wrong with Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 5, but there's really nothing all that great about it, either.

The stakes were raised so high in Teen Wolf Season 3 that dialing back just doesn't cut it. It's kind of amazing to say that given there is a dead pool out on all of the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills, but I don't think anyone we care about is going to die because we've had too much death already.

Change is good, but in small doses. The Alphas and Nogitsune tore apart Beacon Hills and to throw even more change at us by way of losing another major player would be too risky.

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alycakes1602d ago

This deserves a higher rating. It was really good. Trying to discover what the whole deadpool list is and trying to find out who the assassin is and then find out there's more than one.....and try to also keep up with normal everyday things's great watching them and they are great actors.