Is The Sinister Six Movie Cancelled?


Going into the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony seemed to be extremely confident about their Marvel Comics future. In fact, they were so confident that they bared their ambitions possibly a little too much by announcing two more Amazing Spider Man sequels, as well as Venom and Sinister Six spin-off films in the near future. However, once The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released to a less than amazing film market, Sony's plans started to change rather quickly. First, there was word that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was being moved back in favor of Sinister Six. Now, someone out there thinks that the future of the Sinister Six is finished before it even started.

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-Foxtrot1554d ago

Hopefully, it seems like an awful idea

Just get Amazing Spiderman 3 out the way then end it.

Why try and pull a Marvel with just Spiderman...

5upreMe1553d ago Show
darklordzor1554d ago

There's no telling, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were thinking about it. I don't care much for this being a movie. I'd like to see them in a general Spider-Man film, but don't think they need their own. Venom is a movie I'm interested in more, and think they could do some neat stories with.

CrimsonDragon901553d ago

I agree, as much as I like the new spiderman movie series, a sinister six spin off is kind of a dumb idea. But I am interested in a Venom spin off. He is more interesting and a Venom spin off will work more then a sinister six spin off.

Crazay1553d ago

I never much thought that the Sinister Six standalone was a great idea either. Just seemed strange to me.

Soldierone1553d ago

I just want Mysterio and more Spider-Man! Give me that and I don't mind this being gone.