Supernatural Spoilers: Jared Padelecki Teases Flashbacks, Demon Dean & More

This fall, Sam Winchester will find himself in a place he's rarely been over the first nine seasons of Supernatural: he'll be the one to save his demon of a brother.

Any fan knows that Dean Winchester has saved his brother many a times over the years... but with Dean now a demon (thanks for nothing, Crowley!), it will be Sam's turn to come to the rescue.

How exactly will he do that?

That's the big question going into Supernatural Season 10 - but, thankfully, Jared Padalecki sat down with me the other day during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour to let us know what we'll see when the show returns in October.

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alycakes1602d ago

I can't wait for the season to begin. I know he has to save Dean somehow but I don't know how much damage he'll cause in the mean time.