The Expendables 3 Character Posters Get Colorful

Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Lionsgate has unveiled a collection of The Expendables 3 characters posters, and they’re a bit, um, different. Instead of the grit and grime of all the other marketing for the action franchise, these new posters go the opposite route and paint Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, and Co. in some bright primary colors. I’m not sure these posters are “good” necessarily, but it’s certainly a welcome change from the bland marketing thus far. If only the actual films were this lively.

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alycakes1602d ago

Very cool and very, very, colorful.

darklordzor1602d ago

These are kind of neat! The colors seem a little odd, but honestly, any poster that's not just black and white is a good thing.

alycakes1602d ago

I would love to have a couple of them for my collection of prints maybe in 11x17 size. It would be a neat addition to my collection of pictures.