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Godzilla Blu-Ray Gets Detailed and Dated

From Cinelinx:

One of my favorite films of the Summer came in the form of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot. It was a return to form for the King of All Monsters and it's a movie I can't get enough of. Fortunately, Warner Bros. have now dropped the details on the film's upcoming blu-ray so that you can take it home and watch it over and over again. Come inside to check out when you'll be able to pick it up and what all is included on the blu-ray discs.

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darklordzor1553d ago

I know some people had issues with this film, but I loved it. It's exactly what I wanted out of a Godzilla reboot and stuck to the original films' themes. I can't wait to bring it home and watch it again!

barb_wire1553d ago

Me too, film of the summer for me. Can't wait to re-watch it on Blu Ray.

darklordzor1553d ago

It was film of the Summer for me, until Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hit, but it's by far one of the films I had the most fun watching in the last few months.

MEsoJD1553d ago

The movie was horrible. The things I did enjoy was the cinematography, godzillas new design, and Cranston. Like many of the these giant robot/monster action movies, Godzilla makes the mistake of placing too much emphasis on boring cookie cutter characters instead of the monsters that audience is there to see. They actually kill the one interesting character and best actor early on, leaving you with the generic seemingly invincible white guy hero that can do no wrong for the majority of the movie. Apologist say that this movie was more like the original, but I think it fails on delivering that message appropriately when they killed off Cranston. Also the tease the fat lizard for so long I and others in the audience were just like, "GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!". Such a frustrating movie… it's a mess and doesn't deserve the sales it received unlike a movie like Edge of Tomorrow.

dota2champion1553d ago

My main complaint was that it didn't focus on Godzilla, it only focus on the human soldiers. I only wanted to see Godzilla. And trailer promotes that Bryan Cranston was the main human character, but he wasn't. I hated this film.

darklordzor1552d ago

That's how the original films were as well. Before the franchise really took off and they become nothing but long Monster and Monster battles (which, yeah, I enjoyed), the films were about how humans dealt with the Godzilla situation.

Personally, I liked that side of it. Just monster action is what Pacific Rim was, and that was terrible. For me, I can't get into the action as much, without the emotional impact behind it. That's why I loved them focusing more on the human stuff than just Godzilla.

Deadpoolio1552d ago

You've NEVER watched any of the old Godzilla films have you? Rhetorical question because clearly you haven't, fun FACT in all but a few Godzilla movies your waiting 40-50 minutes in a 90 minute movie before you actually get to see Godzilla for any length of time..

Pozzle1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I didn't mind that it didn't focus on Godzilla because that's what the old movies did too. But I did find it annoying that the movie would constantly cut away from Godzilla to the family whenever he was battling the Muto. It didn't help that the protagonist and his family was as dull as dirt. The movie really kicked itself in the pants by not having more Ken Watanabe and Cranston too.

alycakes1553d ago

I didn't get to go see it so I'm waiting to get it when the blu ray comes out so I can get it.

darklordzor1553d ago

Oh man! You missed out. It was amazing to seeon the BIG screen. It'll still be tons of fun on blu-ray, but if definitely felt like a film that needed to be seen in theaters. :(

alycakes1553d ago

I know and normally I would have but it seems that this summer I've so much going on and week after week time just kept going by.

darklordzor1553d ago

Yeah, that's pretty much what is happening with me and Edge of Tomorrow.

MEsoJD1553d ago

Don't put your expectations too high.

windblowsagain1553d ago

Film was crap. Sorry it was.

Dark111552d ago

So is this the version that actually has Godzilla in it?

Deadpoolio1552d ago

Don't go watch any of the old Godzilla films then cause your really have a cry baby temper tantrum then watching an 80-90 minute movie that takes 40-50 minutes before you even see Godzilla for more than a second.....

I mean clearly you and the other whiners never actually watched ANY of the old films, otherwise you people would actually know that Godzilla is barely in any of them with the exception of a few that were cut to have more Godzilla for the US dubbed releases

Dark111552d ago

Ok have fun with your human drama BS.

level 3601552d ago

If your expect Godzilla to be like Pacific Rim then you're in for a big disappointment.

Godzilla is about the build-up, the calm before the storm. Always has always been.

Believe this is a very good re-boot, it definitely stayed true to the very root and then some.

MEsoJD1552d ago

They did a poor job. I understand the build up, but give us characters we actually care about.

darklordzor1552d ago

Agreed. Pacific Rims is mindless and ultimately boring. The lead up in Godzilla was a lot of the fun. Felt a lot like the original Jurassic Park to me.

SaffronCurse1552d ago

No it didn't. The movie sucked ass. Not because of the lack of Godzilla, but the main characters were so dull and lifeless on screen. Cranston was the only great actor in the movie and he only lasted for 20 minutes.

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The story is too old to be commented.