Ben Affleck Driven Mad By Batsuit

Daily Star

Ben Affleck is suffering on the set of the Batman Vs Superman movie as he has to wear the most uncomfortable bat suit ever.

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DarkBlood1949d ago

Going insane=batman Yussss bum dum tisssss sorry guys :p

crxss1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Didn't they learn anything from Nolan's bat suit? That suit was flexible and light

darklordzor1948d ago

I imagine the suit (any of them) aren't particularly comfortable. I just hope it's good enough they can get some good fight scenes out of it!

Porcelain_Chicken1948d ago

You're right i remember Bale said he almost passed out a few times in the Dark knight rises suit. A suit that was suppose to have the appearance of a very comfortable armor. Patrick Wilson looked pretty stiff in the Night Owl suit. In fact he couldn't even turn his head yet the fight scenes looked friggin badass! I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work. At least i hope. I really don't want another robot looking Batman.

What i don't get is what is so different about these suits as opposed to the Man of Steel suits. I've seen pics of Cavill (In his MoS suit) on his knee taking pictures with a kid. No matter what, if a suit was uncomfortable he wouldn't be able to bend down to a little kids height. So wtf are these new suits made of that Affleck can't even breath??

Crazay1948d ago

I think it's because they're more form fitting and snugger. Not to mention some added padding which could make it ore difficult to bend some limbs properly.

The Superman suit can't really be compared to this. That's all Cavill in that suit. No padding and it's really is just form fitted cloth

Deadpoolio1948d ago

It can't be any worse that the Spider-man suit. Garfield and Robot McGuire were both going crazy in the full suit. Although at least the spider-man suit is way lighter than the Batsuit. I believe Michael Keaton also complained about being stuck in his Batsuit.

Cavill has it easy there is nothing covering his face.

hairy1948d ago

I feel so sorry for the Dufus, I'm sure the millions of dollars they are paying him to wear it will help ease his "pain"
what a peice of shit fluff article, i hope the author of it stubbs their toe really hard

Tiqila1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

the following procedure could ease their pain:
1) stop whining 2) make new batsuit

dota2champion1948d ago

Couldn't they just have him wear a cgi suit, and make the batsuit out of cgi?

Crazay1948d ago

I think that would be brutal. I'd much rather it was a real suit.

Porcelain_Chicken1948d ago

Well they could, but it might look a bit unnatural. Ryan Reynolds looked cross-eyed whenever he had the Green Lantern Mask on. Then again the Kryptonian armor in MoS looked pretty good in CGI. Idk i'm still leaning more towards a real suit.

ironfist921948d ago

Despite the criticisms, I understood the CGI Green Lantern suit.

But yeah, couldve been much better visually.

SilentNegotiator1948d ago

Noooooo, not that again. That looked awful in Man of Steel. They couldn't even track the position right, especially in Zod's first scene.

HRoach6161948d ago

I don't see a big problem. Most of these super-suits are hard to get on and off. I remember in the original Spider-mans he was actually sown into his suit. He had to be sown in and cut out every time. He said the same thing about bathroom breaks. He tried not to go because the process slowed everything down.
Actors should know by now the suit is going to be a process to get used to all on its own before even acting in them.
But if never worn one obviously lol so I can only say my thoughts on it

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The story is too old to be commented.