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Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details Revealed

From BAD:

I'm going to keep this vague. I have no interest in spoiling Star Wars Episode VII, although I'm sure some people will find any information about the film's plot to be spoilery. If you're a spoilerphobe or want to go into Star Wars Episode VII totally, completely clean, stop reading now. If you want to know what, on a very basic and general level, is the premise of Star Wars Episode VII, read on.

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-Foxtrot1555d ago

Not like the fact John Boyega is one of the main characters who the story focuses on along with Daisy.

Would of prefered it if he was revealed to be Lando's son and Domhnall Gleeson or Oscar Isaac was in his place instead

thorstein1554d ago

I would love for it to begin with sequence rehashing the first 3 movies that is obviously a dream sequence that Mark Hamill awakes from and sees his sister. He proclaims, "I just had the most absurd dream about our parents. It didn't coincide with ANYTHING Ben or Yoda have told me."
They are still on Endor. The rebels say good by to their Ewok friends and then, sadly, the remains of the 2nd death star plummet to the forest moon of Endor and wipe out the entire species of Ewoks.

Later, after the heroes find Jar Jar Binks hanging from the rafters they read a suicide note: He committed suicide after the entire Gungun race was wiped out due to a virus carried by two Jedi that had visited the Gungun homeland.

DarkMeans1554d ago

You sir, deserve all the Oscars... even the grouch

s45gr321553d ago

WoW someone didn't like the cute ewoks and the foolish Jar Jar binks

iagainsti1201553d ago

This summery does not bode will with me. It does not seem right. The website may just be making this up since they do not credit the leak to anyone.

darklordzor1555d ago

This report seems shady. They way they've worded it is weird. They basically hit on plot points that have already been rumored, without expounding on them because of "spoilers". They're using that as an excuse, because this site has posted tons of spoilers on films in the past.

pompombrum1554d ago

I really hope this turns out to be false, plot sounds horrible. They'd be better off loosely sticking to the EU books, at least they felt original while remaining true to the Star Wars name.

iagainsti1201553d ago

I completely agree. As i said on another site. I'v got a bad feeling about this.

s45gr321553d ago

The EU books, what are those about for I really hope are based on the Thrawn Trilogy.

pompombrum1553d ago

Thrawn trilogy sure sounds a lot better than the plot mentioned in this article anyway.

dota2champion1554d ago

Am I'm the only one who laugh while reading that rumor plot?

Blasphemy1553d ago

I didn't laugh but there is no way it is real.

s45gr321553d ago

This so called plot is utterly false. This site is looking for hits, dont fall for it like I did.