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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Mystery Character Revealed?

StitchKingdom: Admittedly as much as we try, it’s darn next to impossible — actually probably right on top of impossible — to keep up with every single detail of every single project under the Disney umbrella — though we try! That’s why it came as a bit of a shock to us when we saw this cover for an upcoming 176-page original novel titled ”Star Wars Rebels Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy’ based on the upcoming Disney XD series.

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WizzroSupreme1555d ago

Bet that's Lupita Nyong'o's character pictured above. Rumor is that Episode VII would tie into Star Wars Rebels somehow and that she'd be playing a "Jedi Hunter" (or a.k.a. Inquisitor) alongside Adam Driver. And she's got that short hair cut most of the time to go along with that look above.