Interview: Director Matt Reeves Explores The "Violence" In ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’

IndieWire: You clearly understand story archetypes and fundamentals, the movie is about the failure to coexist which is a tragedy. And there’s a lot of tragic elements, but it doesn’t go quite there fully. Is that something that's a function of sequel or studio demands?
I actually think it is a tragedy, there’s a tragic arc. To me, what the movie could be about was the one moment in time where it wouldn’t have been “Planet of the Apes,” there could have been peace. But that moment passes and at the end of the movie that chance is gone and you see that exchange between Jason Clarke and Andy Serkis and to me that is what could have been and it doesn't happen. And you know that Caesar is going to have to engage in a war now and that is the last thing he ever wanted. And what choice does he have now? It's a painful choice to have to be made and confronted with because he sees himself as rooted in the human world as he is in the ape world.

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