Tyrant 1.04 Review: Sins of the Father | TVOM

TVOM: "This week, Abuddin had (mention of) a horse, and a man on fire! Unfortunately, we are not talking about an Arabic Anchorman (although, I’d like to see that. Maybe with a Borat cameo?). We are talking about this week’s episode of the FX middle-eastern drama, Tyrant.

I’m not sure what to think of Tyrant as a whole. Each week, there have been truly great moments. The acting (especially from the main players) is exceptional, and the world they’ve created is realistic. However, the plot (to this point) has been dragging along. I’ve struggled to maintain my interest, because compelling characters can only take you so far into a story. Aside from a few moments of shock value, the show (thus far) has been largely character focused. If the preview for next week is indicative, however, I think that things may escalate next week. Here’s hoping!"

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