Meet the New Boss in Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

From EW:

If you’re part of a group that has already saved the world nine times, eventually you can’t help but wonder: Isn’t it somebody else’s turn?

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking directly leads to the latest global threat in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con 2014 preview gives you an exclusive First Look at the big, bad robot causing all the grief in next summer’s superhero team-up.

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darklordzor1580d ago

Really digging Ultron's look. He looks like a very menacing villain and someone who could cause a bunch of trouble.

dota2champion1580d ago

So the rumor was true. Tony stark created Ultron

darklordzor1580d ago

Yep, EW seems to have confirmed a few of the rumors that were going around. Nice to finally get some actual news. Rumors are wearing me out!

Guitardr851580d ago

Lame...Ant-Man/Wasp created Ultron...not Iron Man!!!

blackbirdi1580d ago

In One of animated marvel movies Tony created ultron and in One of marvel univers was the Same thing ...

Defectiv3_Detectiv31580d ago

I just think it's lame that the next Avengers movie will have (seemingly) very little to do with the storyline from the first film.

GenericNameHere1580d ago

Avengers Initiation kicked off, Chitauri invaiding armada destroyed, New York in crumbles, Loki and Thor sent back to Asgard (and things happened in Thor The Dark World), and the Avengers disband (which they're joining up again after some time). Then things happened in the Phase 2 movies.

This is like the comics. You gotta watch the other character specific movies in between Avengers to truly get the story.

DarkBlood1580d ago

Its all one coherent plot that eventually leads to thanos anyhow. Why would we want it to be a direct sequal to the plot of the first films situation?

bigrob9041580d ago

in one of the avengers animated movies, SPOILERS all the avengers get killed by ultron. in this particular version, tony is the one who created ultron. so it's not like it was thought of specifically for this movie or pulled out their as$. as a matter of fact, it makes a lot of since that tony is the one that makes ultron. although, considering how great JARVIS is, you would think he perfected the whole AI thing.