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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 4: We’ll Get There Review | Fandom Post

While there are so many threats in the world, the biggest threat comes from the ship itself.

What They Say:
We’ll Get There – The ship’s propulsion system suffers a catastrophic event; Chandler’s leadership and ingenuity are put to the test.

The Review:
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The Last Ship did a pretty good job of closing up the first arc of the series with the previous episode as we got a handle on the Russian side of the equation, a few more deaths and an explanation of what Quincy was up to all this time. Some aspects of it were handled a little loosely when it comes to the characters and some of the larger implications of the actions taken, but the series is working a pretty decent premise with what it wants to do and is finding its footing. The big draw for me continues to be the way that we get a solid group of military men working the situation and that does introduce a little more in terms of execution than most shows like this tend to work with. Of course, we get the random civilian influence moments from Rachel, and I’m curious how Tex will fit into things, but by and large it has a pretty good vibe that reminds me of the film The Final Countdown.

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