Falling Skies Season 4 Episode #4 – Evolve or Die Review | Fandom Post

Now free from the ghetto, the remnants of the 2nd Mass start figuring out how to survive and move again.

What They Say:
Evolve or Die – Tom and the 2nd Mass seek refuge in a Volm hideout; Tom, Weaver and Cochise head out to find Matt; Anne is reunited with Lexi.

The Review:
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Falling Skies took a few episodes to get to the first point of the series in getting Tom to understand a bit more about what’s going on with the Espheni and then escaping, but escape they did with a bit of amusing simplicity, complexity and silliness. Getting the group out of quarantine is definitely good and playing that up against some of the other things going on as we see what Matt is stuck in with the reeducation camps and what Ben’s dealing with when it comes to the compound Lexi is working out of and there’s a few thread going. It helped that Anne finally made her way to Lexi’s place as they helps to reunite at least some...

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