The Star Wars Trilogy Has Been Remastered in 4K

From FFB:

Could a new release of the Star Wars Trilogy be in the cards? According to Reliance Media Works, a new 4K 16-bit restoration of the Star Wars trilogy was recently done for Lucasfilm.

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-Foxtrot1648d ago

I hope these will be the original cuts...doubtfull but with Disney owning Star Wars now maybe they'll release the original versions of the films....the ones not hacked to death my George Lucas.

darklordzor1648d ago

Honestly, I'm not sure how any of it would be handled. If I remember correctly, FOX still holds some of the rights to the films since they initially distributed them and put them on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray. That's the main reason the 3D conversions and re-releases were stopped, because Disney couldn't work out the licensing with FOX over them.

So I'm guessing that any version going forward would have to be the latest ones, as Disney would likely have more control over those...maybe. It's a weird area.