Daniel Radcliffe Looks Pretty Evil in 'Horns' Teaser Trailer

From FirstShowing:

"No one is born evil. But sometimes, when you go through hell, the only way out is to walk deeper into the fire." Hot on the heels of the teaser poster this morning, the first teaser trailer for the adaptation of Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe has arrived. However, since it's a teaser trailer, it keeps Radcliffe's reveal in the lead role under wraps until the last 10 seconds or so. Also, we can't tell if that's Radcliffe doing the voiceover with a flawless American accent or if that's Max Minghella (he's British too). Either way, this certainly looks haunting and gritty, something very different for the Harry Potter franchise superstar.

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Crazay1922d ago

It's about time we start seeing more from this. I've been waiting forever to see more of this. The book was freaking amazing. Joe Hill's writing and story telling very reminiscent of his father's early work. I'm a big fan