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Why People Can't Enjoy the VFX in The Star Wars Prequels

From Cinelinx:

George Lucas’ Star Wars Prequels did a lot of things for the special effects industry, being among the first films to feature thousands of digitally enhanced shots, while also introducing the idea of the first CG supporting cast members. But for all the good they did for the industry in moving VFX forward, many fans have decried the Prequels’ use of computer images throughout the trilogy. Today, with our look at CGI in movies, I’m taking a look at why the Prequels; use of CG hasn’t sat well with people and caused so much uproar.

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RetrospectRealm2292d ago

I absolutely hate it when people say they don't like the prequels cause there was too much VFX and not enough practical effects. COME ON. Star Wars has some of the greatest looking VFX EVER.

Matter of fact, there's a LOT of stuff people think is CGI when it was practical effects, cause practical effects were used extensively in the prequels.

The VFX wasn't the problem with the prequels, it was the writing.

darklordzor2292d ago

Exactly, which is a big point I made in this article. The prequels had their own problem, regardless of the VFX.