See Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon Gagged and Bound on 'The Walking Dead'

From EW:

“If Daryl dies, we riot” has been a familiar refrain from fans of the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon. That means Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman could have a melee on his hands if he does indeed off Daryl as he promised on Entertainment Weekly Radio (although we’re pretty sure he was kidding). Regardless, Dixon devotees are likely to gasp at this exclusive new image from season 5 of the zombie drama, which returns in October on AMC.

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WizzroSupreme1609d ago

And riot we the undead.

Soldierone1609d ago

I think a lot of work needs to be done before they kill off Daryl.

I mean there are a lot of fans finding it boring lately (Last season got epic once they got passed the flu thing) Other than that though, what is keeping people interested? The characters themselves.

Rick is coming back, but if he gets the baby back, he could go dull again. Maggie and Glen can be awesome if they live out the relationship and make it powerful, instead of killing one of them. Then there is Daryl which has a raging fanbase bigger than any show out there!

Other than that all the characters at this point have really nothing going for them that is strong enough to replace Daryl. Plus it would be a lot more fun to put Daryl in danger and make you believe "this is it" then turn around and go "ha, got you!"

-Foxtrot1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

The only way your going to see Rick come back is if they kill of Judith like in the comics, however they screwed up that opportunity and they'd never kill off a baby so the best thing to do is kill Carl off.

No one really likes him and he's a bad actor. It would give Rick a ton of character development and the ironic thing would be is that he has Judith but she might not even be his. They've killed so many good characters off over him it's not even funny anymore.

I thought Rick was a much better character in Season 1 when he was trying to find his family.

Soldierone1608d ago

In my opinion that would just make it worse. It would happen and he would just go right to a depressed state of mind. Maybe even blow a lid and do something bad himself then go to depression.

IF they do that, they better make Daryl or someone a complete bad A to make up for it.